Are you sick of bunnies, flowers, and butterflies yet? Okay, we’re not either, thanks to that extra-long winter. Still, we’re year-round zombie fans, especially when they’re adorable and delicious. 

Zombie cookie cutters at Cool Mom Picks!

The Undead Zombie Cookie Cutters from Perpetual Kid are a slightly skewed way to celebrate the rebirth of spring. Or that’s how I’m seeing it.

Each set comes with three cookie cutters made from food-safe plastic that you can even toss in the dishwasher. Whether you prefer your shambling corpses to be hunching, walking, or running, your kids will have tons of fun icing them and adding bloody red sprinkles.

Of course, you can always use those bunny cookie cutters to make bloodthirsty demon rabbits, because why wait for Halloween to enjoy zombies? They certainly wouldn’t wait to enjoy you. –Delilah

Find the Undead Zombie Cookie Cutters at Perpetual Kid.