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I’ll never forget driving away to give birth to baby number two while my firstborn screamed from her grandmother’s arms in the doorway. Yeah, trying to leave the kids for a business trip, a hospital stay, or any other reason, can be a gut-wrenching experience for us parents.

Along with little “love notes” left under pillows and frequent phone calls, I’ve found a sweet new picture book that helps young children cope with a parent who is away. And it may make it a little easier on us parents too.

[Keep reading for your chance to win two copies—one to keep, one to donate to a child in need]

Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs by first-time author Susan Schaefer Bernardo reinforces something we all want our kids to know: Our love doesn’t disappear when we aren’t there. Instead it is everywhere, in the glow of the moon, in the raindrops that fall, and even in every grain of sand on the beach.

What I like about this book is that it thinks like my kids who are constantly looking for loopholes: OK, so your love is in the moonlight, what happens when you can’t see the moon? What about when the sun is out? Or it’s snowing? Or…? Don’t worry, it’s all covered here. 

Written for kids who may be feeling a bit tender and emotional, the rhyming prose is definitely on the sweet side with lots of blown kisses on the wind, and “love is everywhere” sentiment. Illustrations by Courtney Fletcher are soft and sweet as well, and I love that kids of all colors are represented throughout.

For a child who coping with divorce, or has lost someone special in their lives through death–truly the saddest “leaving” there is–this is a wonderful book to help them cope with their feelings of loss. I’m leaving signs to show I care is a powerful concept beautifully expressed, which is sure to bring comfort, not only to the kids, but also to the grown ups who read it aloud. Christina

Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs is available at our affiliate Amazon.

Congratulations to Carla S!  She won a copy of Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs for herself, and an extra copy which she is going to donate to the Saint Barnabas Medical Center Foundation.  

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