As a mom of a boy, I know how tough it can be to find cool clothes that not only look great, but are made for comfort and play. And I’d like them to last an entire season, please. Looks like Janet Reid (fellow mom of a boy) was reading my mind.

Boys' Clothes by MIDA on Cool Mom Picks

Her Australiabased boys-only label MIDA was created from her own frustration of wanting quality clothes for her son that are young and whimsical without being overly saccharine.

Cool clothes for boys by MIDA on Cool Mom Picks

I’m pretty sure my son would live in the cotton twill shorts, which are quite sturdy but still comfortable and breathable for summer. I’m digging the bright bold patterns that aren’t cutesie but still fun, as well as the longer length, which almost makes them capris, though not baggy or ill-fitting thanks to the drawstring waist.

You’ll also find coordinating hats, as well as tops, pants, and pyjamas (so cute!) that feature thoughtful embroidered and crocheted details. And yes, they cost more than your big brand pieces, but the construction and design means you won’t be replacing them after a few washes and wears. –Kristen

Score cool summer-ready boys’ clothes from MIDA on their website. Prices are in AUD. Shipping to USA is a flat $15.


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