I love a beautiful birth announcement as much as the next person, but they are starting to seem redundant these days. Now nothing’s faster than a quick tweet or Facebook post letting everyone you’ve ever known since you were 4 that the baby arrived….like, two minutes ago. And that’s exactly why I like the classic old-school idea of sending out a telegram instead.

Telegram birth announcement on Cool Mom Picks


Telegram Stop lets friends and family know the newest family member has arrived, with cool retro style and no-rush charm. (After all, that baby took her grand old time getting here too, right?)

It’s not just for baby announcements, either. New house, new job, new anything–even a romantic dinner invitation can all be sent in telegram style. Or use it as a fun twist on a Mother’s Day card. Because, hey, you’re classy like that.

Unlike the real thing, Telegram Stop gives the option of attaching a photo to your telegram. But I kind of like the authenticity of going without. It’s not like they haven’t already seen the 500 pics you posted on Facebook and Instagram, anyway. Stephanie S.

Want to share some special news? Send a telegram (or many!) on Telegram Stop.