There’s an avalanche of recipe sites out there, and one of my personal favorites is about to become yours, too. Foodily (which appropriately stands for “Food, I Love You”) is a social recipe network combining a massive library of curated recipes (i.e., recipes you can trust) with your social network. Think of it as recipes with benefits. 

Foodily at Cool Mom Picks


Foodily allows users to discover, save, share and discuss recipes collected from around the web with friends. Now, with the release of “Foodily Originals,” users can also add personal recipes to their collections. That means you can combine the best recipes from sources including (but not limited to) Martha Stewart, Epicurious, your favorite celebrity chefs and food bloggers with grandma’s meatballs and your famous brownies.

And it’s not just your personal recipes that can be added. Love a recipe source that isn’t online, or otherwise included in the Foodily library? No problem. Add any of your favorite recipes using the new Foodily Originals functionality on the Foodily app. Just tap a button and, thanks to amazing voice recognition and (phew!) auto complete, say what’s in your recipe and add step-by-step directions. You can include photos, too. Once the recipe is posted, Foodily will sync your original recipe to your desktop. Is that hot or what?

Foodily Originals at Cool Mom Picks

You’ll end up with all the recipes you want in one spot–a universal recipe box–along with nutrition info (yes, Foodily calculates nutrition info!), photos and comments from your friends and other fans who just might become new food friends, too.

Foodily app on Cool Mom Picks

Speaking of the Foodily app, it’s seamlessly integrated with the Foodily site, making conversation about recipes super easy for on-the-go mamas. You can comment on a recipe with a shout-out to personal friends, or to other folks featured on the Foodily network, including the Foodily Tastemakers (think Cat Cora, Wolfgang Puck, Cool Mom Picks favorite Joy the Baker, and yours truly).

You can even start conversations with Facebook friends who have never visited Foodily. The point is to talk, organize and share recipes with your network and the Foodily network at large–whether to coordinate meals, ask questions or tell a long-lost friend found on Facebook about a recipe that reminded you of them.

Amazing. I wonder if they’ve ever considered calling themselves Foodilyily, you know, for “Foodily, I love you.” Stacie

Visit Foodily online at and then immediately grab the free Foodily app for iOS from the iTunes App Store.