When I first discovered Baby Buggy, the remarkable organization that helps new mothers most in need, I was instantly captivated. As a new mom myself, I wanted to know what I could do to help. And now, several years later, I’m so excited to not only join the amazing roster of women who consult as “Friends of Baby Buggy,” but to be one of the sponsors of their annual, star-studded, super crazy fun annual kids’ carnival fundraiser.

And you’re invited!

If you’re in the NYC area, the Baby Buggy Bedtime Bash is honestly one of the best events ever. My kids will attest to that. Hit Victoria Gardens at Wollman Rink in Central Park on June 5 and you’ll find Cool Mom Picks and Mom Trends teaming up to sponsor the face-painting and temporary tattoo booth (I sense we will be busy!) but don’t worry, I won’t be face-painting myself. That would be scary.

You’ll find a ton of rides (good one!), food, activities, character meet and greets, a great goodie bag, and really the best part of all: a chance to raise money for this truly effective non-profit.

Plus, okay, it’s always fun to be standing in line for a mini coaster ride right behind founder Jessica Seinfeld, or Hugh Jackman or Mariska Hargitay or Rebecca Minkoff and their own kids who will be there too.

Jerry Seinfeld and Hugh Jackman at the Bash | Cool Mom Picks

Mariska Hargitay at Baby Buggy Bedtime Bash | Cool Mom Picks

But you know? I found it even more exciting to be standing in line behind some of the kids supported by the charity, whose families receive comp tickets in part thanks to the ones we buy. The way I see it, every kid deserves a night of cotton candy and unlimited ferris wheel rides. –Liz

Learn more about the Baby Buggy Bedtime Bash on June 5 from 5-8 PM. Buy a family package and get early access at 4:30.

You can order your tickets at the website or, if you can’t join, consider making a donation in your mother’s name–it’s a pretty awesome Mother’s Day gift, we think. Cool Mom Picks is proud to be a sponsor in 2013.