Yes, we’re getting down to the wire on Mother’s Day cards and crafts. You’ve got just two more days–unless you’re sending goodies out overnight, in which case get on it stat! While we’ve got some cool DIY Mother’s Day card ideas and gifts for moms in our archives, here are just a few more that I’ve chosen because…well, they’re so easy even I could do them. 

DIY Mothers Day Card idea | Cool Mom Picks

Really. No MFA, no Modge Podge, no high-speed multicolor laser printer required.

Dandee Designs Watercolor Mother's Day cards | Cool Mom Picks

Watercolor Mother’s Day Card 
Grab one of the free printable templates here, print on decent paper, and let your kids go to town. The result is perfection whether they color in the lines or not even close. [tutorial at dandee designs]


Tissue paper flower card by Martha Stewart | Cool Mom Picks

DIY tissue paper flower card 
I love this super simple craft idea that yields really pretty results. In fact, it’s hard to mess up which ranks up there in my book along with “no glitter in the rug.” [tutorial at Martha Stewart]


DIY fingerprint Mother's Day cards | Cool Mom Picks

DIY fingerprint Mother’s Day cards
Since kids love any chance to stick their fingers in paint that they can get, this one is especially great for toddlers and preschoolers who can do a little while you do the rest. [tutorial at kaboose, no longer available]


DIY Mother's Day photo card | Cool Mom Picks

Happy Mother’s Day photo card
Yes, you can make this card all fancy with proper photo paper, scrapbooking material and ribbons but it’s not necessary at all. I love the idea of just posing the kids with signs to form a message, then photographing them. Paste on card stock–done. [tutorial at]


DIY love cards for Mother's Day | Cool Mom Picks

DIY Love cards 
Here’s my secret trick: If you’re searching the web for Mother’s Day card ideas (or Father’s Day or birthday, for that matter), look for Valentine’s cards too. You could end up with something as adorable–and suitable–as these cute love cards for mom. [tutorial at Kaboose, now Disney Family Crafts]