Cooking with the windows open, wrists slightly dirty from picking fresh veggies, knife making a crisp choppety-choppety sound–not going to lie. I live for spring and summer produce. But, with cooking comes cleanup, which pales in comparison to eating. Until you discover pure linen tea towels like these. Ahhhh.

Poketo vegetable tea towels | Cool Mom Picks

From Poketo, featuring sweetly simple, often humorous designs hand-printed in fresh green and vibrant orange, these towels are for more than just wiping countertops. Use them as place mats, kitchen decor, knot one around your waist as an impromptu apron–or, if you’re feeling crafty, use as uber-green gift wrap.

Poketo kitchen tea towels | Cool Mom Picks

Poketo dessert tea towels | Cool Mom Picks

Poketo tea towels | Cool Mom Picks

They’re naturally more absorbent and stronger than cotton, and even get softer with use over time. Wish I could say the same for my dishpan hands – Pilar

See all of Poketo’s beautiful, but not-too-beautiful-to-actually-use tea towels at their webshop.