Every once in a while, something amazing comes along in the land of kids and parents that makes me giddy with excitement. And more often than not, whatever that amazing thing may be ends up costing me a lot of money. Not so with my recent discovery of a totally free online magazine devoted to all things Scandinavian.


Lille Nord online magazine for parents | Cool Mom Picks

The brand new Danish online design magazine from the website Lille Nord, is dedicated to showcasing Scandinavian designers, artists, products and shops in the trendiest of ways. And it’s all free. Which I love, of course.

The fourth issue of Lille Nord just out, is filled to the brim with summer inspiration. I love finding simple recipes (but, fair warning, they do require conversions from grams and milliliters if you want to attempt them) and unique home decor ideas, mixed in with sweet craft projects and fashion spreads, too.

Lille Nord design | Cool Mom Picks

Summer decor and treat iteas

Watermelon lemonade recipe | Cool Mom Picks

Watermelon -Lemonade Recipe

Nordic summer style | Cool Mom Picks

Nordic Summer Style

Lille Nord on Cool Mom Picks

I’ll admit, it’s a little frustrating to see all kinds of pretty shoes, toys, and clothes that would require a European address to obtain–or a paycheck in Europe–but that’s hardly a reason not to browse and drool next time you’re stuck on the carpool pickup line with a few minutes to spare. –Stephanie S.

Read all four issues of Lille Nord and get to know “The North” in the coolest of ways.

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