The first summer I sent my son to day camp, I tried to cram his lunch, towel, bathing suit, rain jacket, and various other doodads into his cute little preschool backpack. Epic mommy fail. This summer, we are ready with a standout backpack. It’s got plenty of room for camp gear, all with a personality that really pops.

MadPax BLOK backpack on Cool Mom Picks

We’ve been big fans of MadPax ever since their Spiketus Rex backpacks hit the scene. My son adores his big red BUBBLE pack, which always gets a ton of comments wherever he goes. 

Their latest creation, the MadPax BLOK, has a clean modern look, perfect for older kids who want a pack that reflects their stand-out-from-the-crowd style. I love that BLOK comes in eight different colors, from basic black to a Caribbean blue which just screams summer.

And while my kids love the design, I love how much stuff we can fit inside. The full packs really are roomy, with a big fat main compartment, and a few little zippered ones for small, easy-to-lose items. The front chest strap is a nice touch, holding the pack tight against my son’s back, which keeps it more ergonomic than if it were swinging off his shoulders.

For kids under the age of four, I’d advise opting for a half pack, which will fit their little backs a lot better.

MadPax backpacks on Cool Mom Picks

Nice touch: The polyester/spandex fabric lets you wipe up spills with a damp cloth, should the lunch you pack end up all over the inside of the bag, giving it more longevity than a canvas or cotton backpack. Just remember to get that wet towel out of there on Friday. You’ll thank me on Monday. Christina

MadPax new BLOK backpacks, along with the BUBBLES and Spiketus Rex styles, are available for purchase on their website.

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