All of my kids–yes, even the girls–love to play with toy cars, but there’s only so much you can do with them, right? That’s why I’m in love with this new line from Manhattan Toy that lets them unleash their creativity on all things four wheeled.

MOTORWORKS toy trucks on Cool Mom Picks

The new MOTORWORKS line of cars and trucks has been in heavy play rotation around my house, and I’m not surprised considering it gives kids the opportunity to build and create the vehicles they’ll race on your kitchen floor (or is that just my house?).

Build-your-own toy truck on Cool Mom Picks

The cars and trucks like the Monster Truck (our favorite) are made from European beechwood, and yes, they look exceedingly similar to Cool Mom Picks favorite Automoblox. Which…well, that’s was bound to happen.

These toys feature a convertible chassis, so kids can interchange the pieces with different vehicles from the set. I really like that they get to use their creative juices in a couple of different ways, all without a hundred bazillion pieces. Kristen

You can purchase the new MOTORWORKS vehicles at Manhattan Toy.


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