Super Dad T on Cool Mom Picks
Everyday dads are heros, from giving superman flights in the hallways to chasing away the monsters in the closet. So this Father’s Day, why not let Dad know how their biggest fans really feel with these awesome Father’s Day tees.


The adorable Daddy Is My Super Hero shirts from Alison Scott’s Etsy shop Once Upon A Story will make any Daddy’s heart swell with love. Bold comic book colors combined with the hand cut and stitched designs give this shirt a really sweet homespun quality.

Available in toddler and youth sizes, this made to order shirt is a great standout that beats a pack of golf tees any day. And of course, you’ll need grab a photo of the kiddo in it so the memory will last longer than Sunday.

Be sure to check out the rest of the goodies from this wonderful unique kids shop. I am sure if we try we can find a t-shirt for every holiday. Stephanie M

Daddy Is My Super Hero shirts are handmade to order for $25. Check out the sizes and order now for Father’s Day.


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