I like it hot, strong, and bigger than usual. And a little on the sweet side. And now I can have it all with one press of a button, just the way I like it. Coffee has never been hotter with this very clever new offering from Keurig. And Dad might like it, too.

We tried (and loved!) the original Keurig, thanks to the way it can replicate your favorite fancy beverages at home in seconds. Now we’re digging on the new Keurig Vue, which allows you to brew your drink in a broader range of sizes and strengths.

While I prefer my coffee regular strength, I was glad to finally offer my Swedish friends the super strong option they vastly prefer. And now you can start with a tea cup at four ounces, or take it all the way up to a 16-ounce travel mug without losing any strength on the taste front.

As with all the Keurig coffee makers, I really do love the convenience of quickly making one cup at a time and not having to worry about leaving a centimeter of coffee to boil and burn in the regular coffeepot (which I do constantly, because motherhood and writing deadlines make me forgetful).

My very favorite is the Cafe Caramel, which tastes just like a caramel latte–probably why my husband and I fight over them. The tea is too strong for my taste, but I prefer weaker tea. Do make sure you read the instructions for the particular Vue Packs you use, as the directions differ for each type of beverage, and using a 16-oz Donut Shop Vue Pack for an 8-oz mug left me feeling jittery and confused. Like, more than usual.

As long as you’re paying attention, though, the machine is super easy to use.

Now although I love love love the Keurig Vue, there are a few drawbacks, the main one being that my preferred grocery store doesn’t carry Vue Packs–yet. I accidentally bought regular K-Cups and nearly busted the machine; they are in no way interchangeable. I do plan on getting a reusable cup and using my own ground coffee which is more eco-friendly. It’s also easy to pull the packet of used grounds out of a Vue Pack and toss the plastic cup into the recycling.

No coffee machine is perfect, but I’ve named my Keurig Vue James Bond because he’s strong, hot, and pretty good at everything. Another cup of Colombian please, Mr. Bond. –Delilah

Find the Keurig Vue at the Keurig website or at our affiliate Amazon. You can see all the Vue Pack beverage options here. Shipping is free on orders over $45 on the Keurig site. Thanks to Keurig for offering one to Cool Mom Picks for review.

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