I always look forward to my free online subscription to Moomah, which always has tons of fun craft ideas and other creative inspiration for parents. Today, their Father’s Day issue hit my inbox and I love the two projects they’re featuring.

Father's Day printables by Moomah | Cool Mom Picks

First there are some of the best looking printable Father’s Day coupons I’ve ever seen. Trust me, I’ve searched the web and most look kind of hokey. These happen to be clever and modern, offering a free uninterrupted Goodfellas screening, a coupon to wear whatever you want with no criticism, and even a little spicy from mama.

Father's Day kids' craft from Moomah | Cool Mom Picks

If you’re crafty, then check out the Father’s Day card DIY which looks harder than it is. You just need to print their templates on cardstock or craft paper, and cut fabric scraps into shapes to embelish the cute animal silhouettes. I know my kids would have the best time with this–even if theirs will come out nothing like the gorgeous photos here.

Thanks Moomah! You always know how to make us look good. –Liz

Visit Moomah the magazine – it’s free online, and you can subscribe so you never miss a month.

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