There is some unknown force that prevents socks from staying on babies’ feet. Probably the same one that makes socks magically disappear from dryers.

Luckily, a new line from guava kids, guavaboots, is an answer to this ongoing conundrum and will be the solution for all those one-socked babies in the world.

The new baby footwear from guava kids (we love their guavamitts!), are adorable bamboo-derived, organic cotton sock-booties that miraculously stay on through all those little baby kicks and wiggles. Thanks to Velcro enclosures which are completely adjustable, the guavabooties will stay on babies’ feet, regardless of how chunky those little ankles are.

guavabooties baby booties | Cool Mom Picks

They come in two sizes: S/M for newborns and M/L for older babies, so you can guarantee your kids’ feet will be covered, at least during the first year. And look at all the adorable patterns! Your baby probably won’t be able to appreciate the colors, but parents sure will.

Colorful guavabooties baby booties | Cool Mom Picks

Finally, a solution to combat the constant one-sock dilemma. Now, just don’t lose them in the dryer. Jeana

guava kids is kindly offering Cool Mom Picks readers first pick of the guavaboots which officially launch in late June. Visit the website to place your pre-orders now.

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