STRIDER Balance Bike for older kids at Cool Mom PicksWatching your kids learn how to ride a bike is one of those nerve-wracking yet awesome moments of parenting that you don’t soon forget. For some kids, it can take a bit longer to learn this fine art of balancing. And that’s where this bike comes happily into play.

We’ve covered awesome balance bikes for toddlers in the past, like the Kazam and FirstBIKE. But this STRIDER SS-1 balance bike is geared toward kids a little older. Because of its larger size (designed for ages 6 and up), the STRIDER SS-1 16″ can benefit many kids — those who are a little older and haven’t yet figured out how to ride a two-wheeler, or those who can ride a two-wheeler, but want to be a little more adventurous and try trail-riding for the first time.

As you can see by its design, the Strider is super rugged and can handle the bumps that would most definitely get in the way of a pedaled bike when off-roading. And for kids who are still easing into two-wheel biking, the sturdiness of the frame will give them assurance that they’re steady and secure. The footrests are perfect for building confidence and practicing new balancing techniques.

STRIDER Balance Bike for older kids at Cool Mom Picks

The seat is adjustable, so kids can go from learning to off-roading on the same bike (yay, value!). The hand-controlled brakes are also a good touch — they’re important to master, since bikes geared toward this age range predominantly sport hand brakes anyway.

On top of all those fun features, the bike just plain looks cool. Its thicker tires and treads say that the biker on board means business. When it comes to learning how to ride, all it will take is a good bike helmet and the STRIDER SS-1. You’ll have a serious biker on your hands in no time. Jeana

The STRIDER SS-1 is available in a variety of colors. Pricing is $189 and the bike is available on the STRIDER website, or through our affiliate Amazon.