Summertime is serious LEGO time around here. The kids and I are always looking for novel ways to enhance LEGO play. So I’m really digging this new LEGO hack (meaning it’s not an official LEGO product, but it’s officially fun).

This groovy “camera” comes from LEGO wizard Chris McVeigh. It takes ninety-nine pieces of brick-building goodness, and some sweet Instagram-y looking decals really seal the deal. 

Although the camera doesn’t actually work (well, duh), it’s fantastic for imaginative play. My favorite part? It even has an ejectable photo tile. Who knows? Maybe the next edition will sport some working parts. I smell a Kickstarter campaign!

Check out the Instant Camera on Powerpig’s Builds ‘n Things. Edited to add: It appears the Instant Camera is no longer offered; however, there are many fun technology and gaming-based LEGOs at Powerpig’s Builds n’ Things!