I try to teach my kids that it’s the little differences in each of us that make us so delightfully special…and delightfully weird. And that’s exactly what the imaginative minds at Wee Society celebrate and encourage in their new collection of unique (and pretty wonderful) toys and games.

Wee Things Blocks on Cool Mom Picks

Wee Society is a toy and design company that believes quirks should be celebrated — and hey, being a quirky-as-they-come family, we wholeheartedly agree.

Right now, we’re having a blast exploring Wee You-Things Blocks. Funky and bright with modern designs, the blocks offer three brain stimulation puzzles, but they’re also perfect for simple stacking and matching, to see how many wacky people creations you can come up with.

Wee Things Blocks 3 on Cool Mom Picks

Wee Things Blocks 2 on Cool Mom Picks

The quality of the wood blocks is quite impressive, printed with non-toxic ink and debossed with some very groovy textures and patterns, all making for a pretty rad gift for a young puzzler or building-loving kid.

But this company is mobile-friendly as well. Wee Society also just released the Wee You-Things app for iPhone and iPad, which functions like an interactive book. Flip through the pages and meet a colorful cast of characters, each described with their own unique attributes, such as Ruth has a purple tooth and Royce has a tiny voice. You can even create your own “you” page and join the story yourself. An added bonus? The app also features narration and fun music from the indie rock band, Rabbit!

Wee You Things app on Cool Mom Picks

While these aren’t inexpensive items (the blocks sit at $65 and the app at $2.99), we love the quality of the art, production and the overall mission. Yes, this is a society we love being a part of. Stephanie M

Discover quirky characters and cool kids’ toys at Wee Society.

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