Whether you’re planning a July 4th BBQ or just want to share some classic American music with your family, I’m pleased to introduce a brand new Putumayo Kids Presents CD that will get your toes tapping as you get into the spirit of red, white, and blue.

Putumayo Kids Presents American Playground on Cool Mom Picks

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Beginning with Johnny Bregar’s harmonica-accompanying She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain and ending with a spirited This Land is Your Land by folk-and-bluegrass musician Phil Rosenthal, Putumayo Kids Presents American Playground breathes new life into tried-and-true tunes, many of which you’ll recognize. In fact, my kids were impressed: You know these songs too? 

If you are already a fan of kindie music, you’ll recognize the voices of CMP favorites Dan Zanes, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Randy Kaplan. I also loved the gritty voice of blues guitarist and banjo player Guy Davis singing We All Need More Kindness In This World. 

Overall, I love the song selection, which includes songs I’ve sung since grade school with an emphasis on positive, uplifting lyrics like Keep on the Sunny Side, You Are My Sunshine, and Blue Skies. And it’ll still sound great long after you’ve packed away the extra sparklers. –Christina

Grab a copy of Putumayo Kids Presents American Playground from our affiliate Amazon.

Congratulations to Christina F!  She won a copy of the Putumayo Kids Presents American Playground CD.



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