I love prints that play with typography. Clever, modern design has a way of turning what could be a cheesy inspirational quote into a piece of art I could live with.


T.S. Eliot quote typography art poster | Cool Mom Picks

That’s why I love the work by New York graphic artist Evan Roberts on Etsy. These cool literary quote posters inspired by the likes of T.S. Eliot (no, not from Cats), JD Salinger, Jane Austen, Ernest Hemmingway, Kurt Vonnegut. It’s refreshing to see he hasn’t generally picked the most ubiquitous of quotes.

Vonnegut quote poster | Cool Mom Picks

Ralph Waldo Emerson quote poster | Cool Mom Picks

Thoreau Civil Disobedience quote poster | Cool Mom Picks

Write drunk Ernest Hemingway quote poster | Cool Mom Picks

Each one is printed beautifully on heavy, archival paper. Look closely and you’ll find lots of clever in how he handles the digital graphics to compliment the saying. Like the flag in the liberty quote by Thoreau, or the butterfly that’s formed from the words of the James Joyce “yes” passage from Ulysses.

James Joyce Ulysses quote poster | Cool Mom Picks

I prefer the more subtle designs with more white space but if one speaks to you, then that’s what matters. With so many to browse through, there’s surely one. –Liz

Find Evan Robertson’s graphic literary quote prints online at Obvious State. Pay flat-rate shipping for multiple prints.