If you love showering your children with all-natural goodness in a rainbow of colors, you’ll love this veritable smorgasbord of vibrant veggies, scrumptuous sushi, and fruit fit for a king. Just don’t let them eat it. Because it’s all handmade felt food. And felt on your tongue feels pretty gnarly.

Felt sushi at Cool Mom Picks!

We’re salivating over the colorful array of beautiful felt play food from Creation by M on Etsy… which is kind of weird, because we do know it’s not real.

Each piece of play food is lovingly hand-stitched of eco-felt, which is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. And many of the pieces deconstruct like real food, whether it’s the ability to pull out the avocado’s seed or peel the tangerine. 

Okay, of all of them, the doughnuts aren’t so healthy. But look at those adorable sprinkles! If your kids have already pretended to eat an entire plate of sushi, a fruit bowl, and an avocado, maybe a little imaginary doughnut is the perfect treat–especially considering the prices are unusually reasonable for hand-made toys.

Excuse my grumbling stomach. I’ve been looking at those fake doughnuts so long that I need a real one.-Delilah

Find oodles of handmade felt play food at Creation by M on Etsy. Her shop will be closed from mid-July to mid-August, so be sure to order now!

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