We can pick our friends, our noses, but not our families. But thanks to this kit? We can pick exactly what the fam looks like and what they’re wearing. Including ninja relatives.

Here’s what I love so much about this DIY Fair Trade Wooden Family Craft Kit from our pals at the Brooklyn Makers Shop: no matter who’s in your family, you can paint ’em. You can paint two moms, two dads, grandparents, or a mom and dad. You can paint the four smaller dolls as kids of different ages, friends, pets, or, yes, ninjas. And you’re not limited in your choice of skin color, which seems to happen with so many dolls. In fact, you can mix any skin tone in the world using the included paints.

Paint your own DIY Family Kit at Cool Mom Picks

DIY wooden doll family at Cool Mom Picks

The kit comes packaged in an adorable box and includes everything you need to paint six dolls made of fair-trade, native Urapan wood from Colombia. Whether you’re creating a keepsake of your family, working on a fun holiday project (like these ornaments we covered!), or letting the kids go wild making their own dolls, this is one project with a lot of imagination and an adorable end result, even if your family doesn’t include an actual ninja. Yet.

Find the Fair Trade Wooden Family Craft Kit at The Brooklyn Makers Shop.