I have to say that one of my proud parent moments is realizing my girls aren’t afraid of bugs or worms or things they see in the garden. Of course I can’t take credit for it at all (thanks, grandparents!) but nonetheless, I love encouraging their affection for the treasures they find and collect as the rummage through the grass.

Garden Treasure Box | Cool Mom Picks

The garden treasure box at Romp is one of the most lovely little gifts for curious explorers and collectors of any age. There are little boxes for storing flowers, leaves, acorns, feathers and more, each marked with charming illustrations and French captions. Which is why the illustrations will help. There’s also an envelope for their own drawings or journaling, which we’d fill in about a second.

My bigger issue, though, will be making sure my kids don’t pack every single compartment with rocks. What is it about kids and rocks? –Liz

Find the garden treasure box by Moulin Roti online at Romp, where we love everything.