Q: Hi! Do you have any suggestions for rubber ducks for the bath or any teething toys that don’t have paint that can come off when my 10 month old chews on them? He loves the feel of rubber toys but we worry about the paint that comes off when he chews. Thanks. -Melissa

A: Melissa, we’ve got you covered. Fortunately there are an increasing number of safe rubber teething toy for babies, hold the paint. We happen to love the Natursutten safe teethers, like the adorable fish here. (Perfect for the bath, right?)  Although there’s also a cute teething star too.

They’re designed in Denmark, and made in Italy from 100% natural rubber. Plus the toys meet all of the high European standards for safety so you can feel particularly good about your kiddo chomping on these teethers in the bath, or anywhere really. –Liz

Find the Natursutten safe teethers online at Pure + Simple Baby.