Soon I’ll be carrying on here about school lunch gear, packed lunch recipes, and the best after school snacks. So this week, I want to take in summer. I want to take it in the biggest, baddest way that I can imagine. This week, I want to forget the school lunch sandwich and celebrate the ice cream sandwich with 5 of the most amazing ice cream sandwich recipes.

Take that, fall.

I chose recipes that call for you to make either the cookie or the ice cream, but not both. Not that I’m opposed to making both from scratch, it’s just that there’s plenty of busy coming our way soon. For now, I want easy. And ice cream. And cookies to put the ice cream between.

The Butterscotch Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich (above) from Kitchen Confidante is as close as it gets to a classic ice cream sandwich. I like the twist, though, of using butterscotch chips instead of chocolate, and there’s also a twist to this cookie dough recipe. Let’s just say that you’ll probably be making this cookie all year long.


S'mores Ice Cream Sandwich | Cool Mom Picks

S’mores Ice Cream Sandwiches. BOOM! (That would be my brain exploding, thank you very much.) Cece of Who’s Hungry just blew up the spot with this summer blockbuster treat. Make a simple graham flavored cookie, stuff it with some store-bought chocolate gelato and marshmallow creme, give it a minute to toast, and blow your family’s mind.

Key Lime "Pie" Ice Cream Sandwich | Cool Mom Picks

Another one of my favorite summer flavors is key lime pie, which is why I just had to come up with this Key Lime “Pie” Ice Cream Sandwich. The recipe, which can be found on my blog, One Hungry Mama, is super simple. The lime ice cream calls for 5 ingredients that you probably have in your fridge right now, then you sandwich it between store bought-graham crackers. Done and delicious.

Thai Ice Cream Sandwiches | Cool Mom Picks

If the thought of coconut ice cream paired with ginger, lime and grilled pineapple sounds amazing to you, then you’re going to flip over these Thai Ice Cream Sandwiches from Baking a Moment. I certainly have, because who wouldn’t want all that sandwiched between two chewy peanut butter cookies? There’s a recipe for the cookies, but you can easily use store-bought. And, if you make sure that your cookies are made without gluten (as many peanut butter cookies are), then this treat is gluten and dairy free, too.

Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Oreo Mocha Ice Cream Sandwiches

So this recipe isn’t exactly the super easy method that I promised, but I’m up for taking a few minutes to doctor store-bought ice cream. And, uh, make homemade magic shell. (Though, I’ll tell you that I’ve done the research and you’d be surprised at how straightforward the ingredients are in the store brand Magic Shell.) The result of your efforts will be this Chocolate Dipped Homemade Peanut Butter Oreo Mocha Ice Cream Sandwich from Half Baked Harvest. Phew. A mouthful. And I’m thankful for it.