We city mamas know that getting around the city with a baby is a wee bit different than hopping in and out of the SUV all day. If you’e got a trip to a city–New York, Paris, Chicago, you name it–planned with your baby, we hope these tips will help make life easier. So you can spend less time worrying about germs (ha) and more time taking awesome photos.

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1. Choose the right stroller
Think about transportation: if you’re going to be hopping in and out of cabs with a baby, consider a quick-fold stroller that accomodates an infant seat. If you’re going to be taking public transportation, think about something lightweight you can carry up and down stairs (hopefully with some help). If you’re doing a lot of walking–well, now you’ll know why city moms spend a lot of money on the fancy strollers with air tires. One word: cobblestones.

Mommy Poppins App | Cool Mom Picks

2. Load up on apps with kid-friendly resources
There are so many resources to bookmark on your smartphone browser, or apps to download, all of which can really help parents in the city. We like Red Rover in NY, Atlanta and SF; Mommy Poppins in Boston, NY and LA (with an app coming soon!); Red Tricycle in 15 major cities to name a few resources for family-friendly listings. Also check out MiniTime before you go, which is like Trip Advisor, only just for families.

Le Marais collection by babyGap | Cool Mom Picks

3. Dress them cute. Hold the white jackets.
No need to panic about how to dress the kids–yes, city kids can be more put together than in less urban areas, but they also toddle around in one-pieces just like any other baby. Still, it’s fun to get your kids looking a little stylish, especially with all the great photo ops that cities have to offer. Our best tip though: No white sandals, no white jackets, no white jeans. They might go out white, but they won’t come back that way. (There’s a reason we all wear black and gray so much in the city!) Even off-white is a better bet.

Baby girl city outfit from babyGap | Cool Mom Picks

Our cute city outfit pick for girls from the new Le Marais collection at babyGap: Leopard Buttoned Dress, Pink Quilted Jacket, Ruffle Tights, Scalloped Shoes, Cable Knit Hat.

4. Figure out what you can buy when you arrive
Not that you want to spend money you don’t need to, but the great thing about cities is that it’s easy to find diapers, wipes, formula, and other essentials that can weigh down your luggage. It’s often easier just to pack enough supplies for your travel day, then buy the rest when you arrive, instead of overloading your suitcase.

5. Pack light when you head out for the day
As we said in our tips for traveling with baby on the first vacation, it’s not so bad to overpack. But that doesn’t mean to carry it all on your shoulder all day. Minimize the number of toys, sippy cups, and accessories. But don’t forget that extra change of clothes! You may be out longer than you’re used to at one time and it very well may come in handy.

6. Don’t forget a swaddler.
Oh, the myriad uses: An extra layer, nursing cover-up, high-chair cover, make-shift bib, ground cover, tummy-time floor mat. We like the lighter weight muslin ones which are super versatile and perfect for travel.

CleanWell hand sanitizer | Cool Mom Picks

7. Don’t fear the germs!
Remember, tens of thousands of children a day live in cities, meaning they touch stuff like subway poles and statues and public park benches and even other kids. Carry a pack of hand sanitizer (we like CleanWell which is alcohol-free), and remember to wash hands after the kids are petting the pigeons (just kidding). Otherwise, they’ll be fine.

8. Stop and smell the roses. Yes, cities have roses.
Busy city neighborhoods or attractions can be overwhelming to infants and toddlers (and adults!) who aren’t used to so much stimuli. A nice long break in a park, at a botanical garden, or even just settling into a quiet cafe or diner booth for a while can give you the recharge you need.

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