If you’re going to bake together, do it in style. But do it quickly! These gorgeous denim aprons from Oh Joy (yes, really) are going to disappear faster than a hot stack of chocolate chip cookies.

Mommy and me aprons | Cool Mom Picks

We dig the beautifully curated goods on Brika, and while we’re not always into the whole coordinated mommy/daughter thing, this truly stylish and modern mother and child apron set is our kind of thing; and a great example of how Brika brings together small artisans with interesting stories.

When Brika maker Ellen Bennett went to the Oh Joy! studio to meet Joy (one of our favorite design bloggers) and her daughter Ruby, the result was a stunning set of coordinated aprons for mom and toddler, featuring Japanese chambray and carefully chosen red accents in honor of Ruby and her adorable wooden kitchen. The gender neutral palette is also fantastic for a little dude who wants to learn the joys of baking. 

brika mommy and me apron set | cool mom picks

Each piece is completely hand sewn by the Hedley & Bennett team and includes an adjustable neck strap, two pockets, and a waist tie long enough to wrap around front and hang your towels—and they’re priced as such. Seriously. They are expensive. Not your mass produced apron, mamas, for sure. But you’ll have a gorgeous keepsake that you can pass down to all the little bakers in your family to come.

And we love that for those of you who can afford it, you’re supporting a cool small designer, and not a big factory somewhere with huge mark-ups on cheap labor. –Delilah

Find the Joy + Ruby handmade mommy and me aprons at Brika, but hurry! The flash sale ends soon. 


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