Gee, another place to eat sweets, opening in New York City? That’s no big whoop. But when the new eatery serves up gourmet rice crispy treats (because Rice Krispy Treats would be a trademark issue, right?) in flavors like red velvet, birthday cake and caramel fleur de sel? Well…that’s breaking news.

Treat House gourmet rice crispy treats | Cool Mom Picks


The new Treat House, which just opened last week on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, is sure to give those ubiquitous cupcake places a run for their money. The husband (a NYC restaurant vet) and wife (a preschool teacher) owners of Treat House make seriously gourmet rice crispy treats, using pure cane sugar marshmallows–not the high-fructose stuff. And the resulting treats are gluten-free, dairy-free and kosher. Nice!

If you’re in the city or visiting, it’s definitely worth a stop. Or you can hold tight for the upcoming delivery service which we bet will be worth the wait.

Chocolate raspberry Treat House treat | Cool Mom Picks


Red velvet Treat House rice crispy treat | Cool Mom Picks

I seriously love the modern interior, and so will lucky NYC kids: a play on a tree house with cool tree stumps to sit on, and wood panels throughout. But as lovely as the decor is, I’m not going to lie: it’s really all about the treats, which are absolutely decadent. My son and I just so happened to be in the neighborhood the day before they opened, and the owner was kind enough to sneak my wide-eyed boy a chocolate and M&M covered rice crispy pop with M&Ms inside. Yum!

Oh, and there’s also Stumptown coffee for the grownups. But live a little and don’t stop there.

Here’s the best part, in my book: 10 cents of every item bought at Treat House will be donated to the hunger-relief organization Food Bank of New York City. Truly sweet. –Melissa

Treat House is now serving crazy creative rice crispy treats at 452 Amsterdam Avenue in Manhattan. And for all our non-New York readers, Treat House will begin nationwide delivery in September!