We’re always excited to find global nonprofits that empower women and their families rise to above poverty. Now we’re especially happy to find one that supports that mission in the form of adorable baby gifts that we’d buy even if they weren’t doing so much good. (But they are.)

Pink handmade baby booties by KKI at Cool Mom Picks


So here’s a story we love: Kohl Crecelius was an avid snowboarder and surfer dude. But when his brother taught him an unlikely hobby–crocheting–Kohl was instantly hooked (heh). He immediately taught two of his buddies, who were also hooked.

Now we’re hooked. Because when Kohl traveled to Uganda in college, he discovered unimaginable poverty–but also a great opportunity for microeconomics to flourish. He and his two best buddies took their yarn and crochet hooks to refugee camps, where they taught women the art of crocheting. Pretty soon the women were turning out beautiful infant booties like these. Wow.

Baby booties by Krochet Kids International at Cool Mom Picks

That was five years ago. Now 150 people use these skills every day to create beautiful products in Uganda and Peru–and Krochet Kids International delivers the creations straight to your front door. While many of their products are for adults, we admit we’re especially smitten with the lovely things they make for kids.

Margot Jr. hat by Krochet Kids International at Cool Mom Picks

The Margot Jr. is a sweet crocheted hat available in three beautiful fall colors. I can’t wait to pop this one on my little redhead’s head this fall!

The Booties are still perhaps our favorite item, perfectly soft and snuggly to keep your baby’s toes toasty warm this winter. They’re available in four cool winter shades–and they make a great gift item with a truly unique story. My favorite thing about this company? Each item includes a little tag with the name of the woman who crocheted it.

note KKI at Cool Mom Picks

But it doesn’t stop there–you can log onto the Krochet Kids website and search for your artist’s name, then write her a note. Real connection across the world, thanks to the Internet and some college guys who weren’t afraid to love crocheting. It’s a beautiful idea, tucked inside a beautiful product. –Kate

Most of the kids’ items are priced affordably at under $30. Check out gorgeous handmade clothes and accessories at Krochet Kids International. 

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