My girls have hit the age where they like to have their own purses. Well, we’ll use that term loosely, considering what they put in them.

coin purses for kids at octopurses | cool mom picks

While I’ve given them my share of hand-me-down handbags, I know they’d adore the sweet handmade little purses and change purses from Octopurse on Etsy. Find them in little sizes that are great for change (or rocks, if you’re my six-year-old), or medium sizes that feel just a wee bit more practical–change and rocks? And LEGO minifigs and lip balm? You know, all the essentials when you’re a tween on the go.

Some even have a little kitch to them–meaning they could be nifty for you, too.

etsy vintage phone purse at cool mom picks

snow white coin purse at cool mom picks

vespa purse at octopurse | cool mom picks

I’m in love with the simple forms blended with a really gorgeous array of colorful linen and cotton fabrics. The outside is reinforced and the inner lining adds an additional layer so they should hold together longer than your $2 fell-off-a-truck-in-Chinatown special.

Ready to start thinking holidays yet? Yeah, me neither. –Liz

Find a great selection of handmade change purses and more at Octopurse. They ship from Belgium, so consider buying a few and making it worth the post cost.

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