Finding just the right books for your child can be, well, challenging–especially if your kid is as finicky about what she reads as what she eats: No peas, broccoli, or dumb princess books, thank you. So I love this cool, custom service made to create your kid’s dream reading list.

{EDITED TO ADD: Zoobean is currently not taking on any new subscribers.}

Hooray for Zoobean. Created by a mom-and-dad duo who were struggling to find kids’ books with biracial main characters for their son and daughter, this book-curating subscription service does the searching for you. Also perfect for those of us who have lost our local bookstores–and those wonderful personal recommendations from the staff.

Create a personal profile on Zoobean by choosing from dozens of categories including age, topic, social development and life events. So you might check off mystery, adventure, science, Chinese language, growing up, “not so pink” girls, friendship, two moms, adopted kids, Latino, and Buddhist. (For example.) Then, each month, the Zoobean curators will hand-pick a book that’s perfectly suited for your kid and send it to your doorstep. How simple is that?

All of their books are curated by parents and librarians, so you know you’re getting books that pass the “read it again and again” test. And you can change your preferences any time, and they’ll adjust their choices. 

Zoobean kids' book recommendations | Cool Mom Pick

One of my favorite things about Zoobean is that they provide reading guides for each featured book. These are full of background info and questions to go over as you read, as well as a fun activity after you’ve finished the book. It’s a great tool for homeschooling parents–or anyone who just wants help getting a little more involved with their kids’ reading.

If you’re not ready to commit to a full subscription, you can also customize a search on their library page. Click a single category and you’ll be pleased by the selection. New School alone has more than 60 choices.

Busing Brewster by Richard Michelson | Cool Mom Picks

Although I did find that more than one or two qualifiers means I get no search results, so I’m hoping that as they curate more and more books the search function will improve over time. Who knows, you might want a poetry book made just for adopted 9 year-olds in Chinese. –Kate

Find your child’s next favorite book at Zoobean where all the individual books in their shop are discounted by 15%. Subscriptions receive free shipping

{EDITED TO ADD: Zoobean is currently not taking on any new subscribers.}