On behalf of our wonderful sponsor Pop & Lolli, makers of the imaginative, extremely well-made and eco-friendly fabric wall decals that we were excited to discover last year, we’ve put together 4 nursery themes we think you’ll love. Hope it inspires some amazing rooms.


One of the best tricks is to pick a piece of art–or in these cases, a set of wall decals–and plot your nursery theme around it in terms of colors and designs.

As a variation of the safari theme, try something a little more global. A cool, colorful map decal sets the tone, then accent with stuffed wild animals and bright colors inspired by Asia or Africa. Add a globe, and some vintage suitcases for storage.

world traveler nursery theme ideas | cool mom picks for pop and lolli

clockwise from top: Pop & Lolli Iconic World Map Wall Decals; Bilingual Board Books; Tiki Striped RugVintage Globe; Handmade Elephant Pillow;


We love the idea of bringing the outdoors in, with a giant wall decal featuring fantastical trees. And it’s so easy to pull in forest theme fun room accents like branch motifs, birds, apples, or clouds. This would look great with one strong color to anchor it–like a crib in bright green or dark walnut.

enchanted forest nursery theme ideas | cool mom picks for pop and lolli

Pop & Lolli Two Tall Trees Decals; Bloom Alma Mini Crib in Green; Apple Wall Hooks;  Mod Mom Furniture Leaf Toy Box; Knit Bird Rattle


Remember, if you’re going for a specific theme you don’t have to overdo it with matching everything. To create an outerspace feel, you don’t need star lamps, star nightlights and star carpeting. Be selective about accessories and balance them with solids–and think about choosing era-appropriate furniture. Here, a space-age mid-century rocker.

outer space nursery theme ideas | cool mom picks for pop & lolli

Pop & Lolli Starry Sky Space Rockets Decals; Star Drawer Pulls; Mid Century RockerBaby Uglydoll; Starburst Crib Sheets; Atom Throw Pillow


Rainbows are back (yay!) and there are so many fun ways to bring that colorful fantasy feeling to life.  These Pop & Lolli dot decals can be placed randomly like confetti, in rainbow formations, or like colorful garlands. Accessories in a rainbow palette help you fill the room with color in key places. We love the colors contrasted with bright white paint so that pinks and purples and bright blues don’t overwhelm the room.

rainbow nursery theme ideas | cool mom picks for pop and lolli

Pop & Lolli funfetti wall decals; Purple Faux Leather Floor Poof; Unicorn Storage Box; Spot on Square Eicho Crib; Pink Mushroom Lamp; Wooden Rainbow Baby Toy Car


pop and lolli

Thanks to our sponsor Pop & Lolli (aren’t they great?) for an awesome array of non-toxic, US-made, durable fabric wall decals that create immersive environments that allow for exploration and imagination.

Plus, for every set of decals purchased, (It’s) Chic 2 Change will provide educational materials and resources to positively influence a South African child in need.