Browsing around Etsy as I am apt to do…oh, every hour or so, I discovered the wonderful Swear To Mod shop, featuring so much of the mid-century, 60’s, and 70’s housewares and art that I love. Only this experience was a little different than most.

kobenstyle fondue pot at swear to mod | cool mom picks

70s orange tupperware set at swear to mod | cool mom picks


I had the best time gazing at her colorful, well-curated vintage selection and settled on a fabulous fondue fork set from the 70’s (don’t judge; I had to have them)–but right after purchasing, my money was refunded. I asked Theresa if something was wrong, and she explained that she discovered one of the forks was cracked in one place and couldn’t possibly sell me anything that was damaged, even a little, because that’s how much she values her reputation. Then she offered to send me the rest of the forks anyway. 

I thought: yay! Integrity remains alive and well on Etsy, as usual. No wonder she has a 100% positive rating. And that’s the kind of shop owner we love to promote around here.

Besides, the stuff in her store is pretty fantastic from vintage mixers and kitchen scales, crafting supplies, jewelry and accessories. And the prices are reasonable too.

orange vintage kitchen scale at swear to mod | cool mom picks

english alphabet mugs at swear to mod | cool mom picks

avocado vintage hand mixer at swear to mod | cool mom picks

vintage bodum salt and pepper set at swear to mod | cool mom picks

Apologies if you have your eyes on those awesome vintage Bodum salt and pepper shakers. You can come visit them at my home sometime. –Liz

Visit the Swear To Mod shop to find awesome housewares and art, and a really nice shop owner too.

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