It has been 12 years, though the memory of how that perfectly ordinary September morning turned into a day of horror will forever make our hearts ache and hug our children a little closer.

Along with the tears (still), we also feel an increased resolve to do something good in memory of all those whose lives were so suddenly changed. If you too want to help on this 9/11 Day of Service but aren’t sure where to begin, we’ve long turned to a website that will quickly and easily help you find volunteer opportunities in your area. finds organizations and causes in your area, like the animal shelter near me that needs dog walkers, or the call for volunteers to work a local fundraiser to benefit a school in Tanzania.

Whether it’s helping in education, the environment, or to end hunger, it’s easy to tailor the searches to something that is right for your family.

Since today is going to be too busy with schoolwork and after-school activities for us to really sink our teeth into a volunteer opportunity, I plan to spend a few minutes with the kids after dinner finding something we all want to do over the weekend when we have a bit more free time.

There are even virtual volunteer opportunities that you can do from home, which is especially helpful if your kids are too young to help volunter yet or if you’re on bedrest for a few more weeks.

For my kids, who are old enough to understand what happened on 9/11 back in 2001, volunteering in their community is such a great way for them to make another grown up smile during a week when tears are so quick to surface. Christina

Remember 9/11 by finding a local or virtual volunteer opportunity with You’ll find other ideas for remembering today with your kids in our archives. And we wish you all a peaceful day today.