We discovered mom-run Myself Belts back in 2006 (wow), and it’s awesome to see how they’ve grown. They make a brilliant line of first belts for toddlers, especially during the potty training months. You know what I’m talking about. And now there are some smart new styles for fall.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, these are more than just a piece of fabric with some Velcro at the end; they snap around the first belt loop to secure themselves to the pants (no belt ends in the toilet, whoo!) and then it’s easy for kids to string the belt through the other loops, and adjust the Velcro closure themselves.

Myself Belts has launched some really cute new styles for fall, including a pink sparkle belt for girls, and an outer space belt that, while filed under boys’ belts, I know would be a hit with my science-loving girls.

outerspace belt from myself belts | cool mom picks

There’s also a new line of canvas belts for kids in solid khaki and navy (shown at top) should your kid wear a school uniform, and they can even be monogrammed or personalized with a logo. If you prefer a more polished look, slide on a faux belt buckle for show: it particularly looks great with the leather belts, which work the same way as the fabric versions.

leather belts for children at myself belts | cool mom picks

Either way, it’s nice to see a really smart small business like this one continue to expand. And continue to help moms everywhere from the dreaded “accident.” I speak from experience. –Liz

Shop Myself Belts for kids online at their webshop, and at indie retailers everywhere.