I really love the idea of making my own greeting cards, but the time and skill involved have always seemed way beyond what I am capable of, especially for card designs that suit my taste and style. Not anymore, thanks to these cool, so-not-your-grandmother’s handmade stamps.
Handmade rubber stamps | Cool Mom Picks
The hand-drawn rubber stamps at karamelo are unlike any I’ve seen before, actually, which is probably why I love them so much. They’re funky and minimalist, which happens to be what generally catches my eye with cards.


Star rubber stamp set by karamelo | Cool Mom Picks
{Star Set}

Botanical rubber stamp set by karamelo | Cool Mom Picks
{Botanical Set}

While they’re a bit pricier than your typical rubber stamps, keep in mind they’re handmade and ship from Germany. And given how many cards I’ll be making with them, it’s worth the investment.

Find beautiful handmade rubber stamps for cards and more at karamelo on Etsy.