I’ve never been a delicate little tennis bracelet kind of a gal; give me a fat, chunky, look-at-me bracelet any day. And right now, I have an eye on this awesome Etsy artist who’s making some very cool, affordable bangles.

The collection of handmade wooden bracelets from Lynn Lunger of UnaOdd are pretty wonderful. Each one is faceted like a precious stone, then painted in a modern rustic style that would look great with a cocktail dress or a prairie skirt.

(Do people still wear prairie skirts? Am I just having early 80’s flashbacks?)


Faceted bangles from UnaOdd | Cool Mom Picks

handmade wooden bangle from UnaOdd | Cool Mom Picks

The artist calls herself a nature geek, and you can see the influence of leaves, crystals, and elemental color in all her work–but it’s the bracelets that really grab me. With prices topping out around $35, it’s a great gift, if only for your own wrists. –Liz

Find faceted bracelets and more handmade jewelry at the UnaOdd Etsy shop.

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