My kids have always loved having a cozy, private nook to call their own. While a sheet draped over the dining room table can do the trick, I would prefer something that doesn’t interfere with every meal. Instead, check out some cool-looking play tents that are the perfect size for quiet reading, giggling with a friend, or just hiding out and daydreaming.

The Sunshine Club A-Frame Tent | Cool Mom Picks

The Sunshine Club’s A-Frame tent (above) is the perfect size for moving all over the place since it is so easy to set up. I love how it looks as an outdoor reading nook, but now that the weather is turning colder, it would be just as at home in a playroom or tucked away in a corner, piled high with pillows. Sized for smaller kids, with a vintage fabric reversible cover. ($52)


Snail Candy Pirate tent | Cool Mom Picks

If you can trust your little scalawags with a bit more privacy, then this canvas hideaway is the perfect spot for when they want to hide from big brothers and sisters. Just keep an eye on what treasures they hide in there, since I’m sure my kids would sneak all their Halloween candy into this secret spot. ($95)


The Teepee Guy Play Tent | Cool Mom Picks

For those of you with the space for it, The Teepee Guy’s tall play tent would make a big impact in your kids’ playroom or bedroom. The cushioned mat makes a comfy spot to sit or recline, and there’s even enough room to invite a couple of friends inside to play. ($180)

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