We are T minus less than a week to Halloween, which means the pumpkin carving and decorating can begin! (I tend not to carve too early or we end up with saggy pumpkin eyes and mouths by the 31st.) So I love this idea which looks great and can save you a little time. 

Decorating Halloween Pumpkins with Candy from Food Network | Cool Mom Picks


At the Food Network website, they have a bunch of ideas on how to decorate pumpkins with candy, but I happen to like the ones that my six-year-old can help me do without professional stylists.

It’s pretty easy: Cut a mouth, then use toothpicks to secure gumdrops, candy corn, or licorice nibs. They suggest ragged pieces from sticks of gum, but something tells me the width would make that tricky with toothpicks.  Add a marshmallow for eyes and you’re done. I might press a Skittle or M&M into the eye to make it easy.

My only tip: Don’t use glue to keep anything stuck on. You never know which little trick-or-treaters will be grabbing for some yummy eyeballs the second you close the door. –Liz


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