On October 31st, I’ll look the other way when my kids pop their tenth fun-sized candy treat in their mouths, but I am trying to avoid smearing toxic face paints onto their faces before they head out the door. After reading that most face paints do contain toxins that can get into their bodies and irritate delicate skin, I’ve got my eyes on a safer option to go along with their Halloween costumes.

GLOB Face Paints | Cool Mom Picks

GLOB Natural Face Paints will give my kids the color they want to turn them into a smiling cat or mean witch, without all the ick like synthetic dyes, parabens, petro-chemicals, or talc. Like their regular paints, these face paints get their colors from a variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs.

Each set of organic paints contains red, yellow, blue, along with white and black, which can be mixed together to make any color in the rainbow. Even better, they don’t have added fragrance–awesome for kids who would balk at having scented stuff all over their face.

GLOB Face Paint Halloween | Cool Mom Picks


I also love their Autumn Set, which has larger tubs of three colors and a sponge for broader application. With black, white, and orange, you’re all set to create a little tiger, pumpkin, or vampire in time for trick-or-treating. The only thing scary about them now will be their costume…and their behavior at 9 pm after eating a pound of sugar. –Christina

GLOB Natural Face Paints can be found at Hazelnut Kids. Their Autumn Set of colors is sold directly from glob.com.