Relax, mamas: A toy chest doesn’t have to be built like a tank with solid wood and hand-hammered hinges and passed down for generations. Good news when you’re already experiencing sticker shock about that entire new nursery of yours.

If you’re looking for an affordable toy chest that’s a big step up from a laundry basket and looks adorable, we’ve got you covered.

Our pals at 3 Sprouts have done it again with a new toy chest marrying their trademark quirky style and smart organization. They’re a little more like bins with lids, since they’re made of fabric reinforced with cardboard, but that also means you’ll never throw out your back when it’s time to move the room around.

Not sure if I prefer the leopard, whale, or poodle–I know moms will have very strong opinions about such things–but either way, you have plenty of room for toys at a price point that’s hard to beat–only $35. On top of that, no one can get trapped inside this kind of toy chest either. Says the claustrophobic whose heirloom wooden toy box had a latch. Ahem. –Delilah

Find adorable affordable toy chests at 3 Sprouts. 

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