Learning the alphabet is one of those huge milestones in your child’s life, so much so that you should be ready to brag she second they’ve sung the song right for the first time–and probably the millionth. If you’re looking for some variation from basic board books and TV shows in your teaching the ABCs routine, you’ll want to check out this very cool new book.

There are some great alphabet books out there–check out the awesome photographs from ABC NYC for some big-city letter play–but what makes Alphablock by Christopher Franceschelli stand out from the crowd is that each letter is die-cut, so your little ones can feel the shape of the letter as they learn what it looks like and how it sounds.

I loved watching my 3-year-old running his hands along the edges of the letter shapes. (My Montessori friends would be proud.) And the book is the perfect size to fit in his chubby little hands, so he really can sit and read it to himself, or at least pretend to.

Alphablock | CMP | W for web

The art by British team Peskimo is vivid and a bit unexpected at times, making it really fun. We loved guessing what the letter would stand for as we could peek through the holes in the B or the curves of the S, and my kindergartener enjoyed finding other less-obvious things on the page that started with that letter too. And they all broke into a giggling fit when we got to U, but I won’t ruin the surprise here.

Alphablock | CMP | cover

Go get a copy and share a laugh with your kiddos too. Trust me, you will. –Kate

Alphablock is available on our affiliate Amazon or in an independent bookstores near you. It’ll make a great holiday gift or stocking stuffer for the little ones in your life.