I have not been a mom all that long and already I’m tired of the same old images in counting and alphabet books. 10 apples, 9 bananas, 8 ducks…how about 1 snoring mommy?

So I love the fresh take on counting in photographer Joanne Dugan’s 123 NYC: A Counting Book of New York City, a follow-up to her ABC book (featured on CMP last spring). Bold, colorful digits uncovered around the boroughs accompany stunning black and white photos portraying fresh concepts like 3 children devouring black and white cookies, 9 local sculptures, or 13 fish on ice in Chinatown. Little kids will love the charming, kid-friendly photos, while older ones (me included) will dig trying to identify the locations.

It doesn’t matter if your kids are native New Yawkahs or just want a sense of the real city where Madeline and Big Bird live. I think they’ll appreciate getting a lesson with objects way more original and artful than fruit.

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