Yes, there’s always that “Baby’s First Hanukkah” bib that you’ll use for 8 nights, max. But we dug to help find gift ideas for your baby’s first Hanukkah that are just a wee bit cooler than some of the others.

Hebrew letter blocks  ($34, Uncommon Goods)
Uncle Goose makes some of our favorite blocks, including a great foreign language selection. The Hebrew ones are perfect for baby — and could give her a leg up on identifying the Gimel on the dreidel quickly.



Little Pim Hebrew Learning DVDs | Cool Mom Picks

Little Pim English/Hebrew DVD Set ($59.99, or $34.99 for Digital Download, Little Pim)
The very best learning system for getting kids to take on a second language. Also, way cute.

Baby Custom Name Bracelet | Cool Mom Picks

Personalized Baby ID bracelet ($69.95, Red Envelope)
Such a sweet keepsake, but hurry and order quickly! Then again, it can be the eighth night gift instead of the first; your kid’s too young to know the difference anyway.


Yiddish Cat in the Hat | Cool Mom Picks

Yiddish Cat in the Hat ($16.95, Modern Tribe) Di Kats Der Payats is the same Cat in the Hat we’ve loved for decades, only he has a little more guilt about making such a mess.


Noah's Ark Shape Sorter for Babies | Cool Mom Picks

Noah’s Ark Shape Sorter ($19.99,
Our own kids had this very one, and loved those little animals long after the boat went missing.


Hanukkah Gift : Plant a Tree in Israel | Cool Mom Picks

Plant a Tree in Israel ($18+donation, Hadassa via  Kintera)
Plant a tree to help beautiful the Beersheva River Park Project. Then maybe visit one day.
Mini Mentsch Baby Onesie | Cool Mom Picks

Mini Mentsch Bodysuit ($16.99, Janice Levy at Cafe Press)
Only because it’s true.