Little kids can be tougher to buy gifts for than it might seem. Either they want absolutely everything, or they can’t think of one thing they want. Which is why I’m flipping out over the personalized paper dolls from Sandy Ford Design.

What are they? Basically the coolest gift in the world. You send in an image of your child and within 48-hours get a JPG of a doll that looks exactly like her (or him), along with 5, 10, or 20 outfits. Never fear if you’re not the DIY type; you can order dolls and outfits printed and ready to play with, too, or they can be printed on magnets or as color-your-own paper dolls, although if they’re ready-made they do ship from the UK.

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personalized color-your-own paper dolls by Sandy Ford Design | Cool Mom PIcks

All you have to do is print them and you’re done. I guess you could also cut them out yourself, but why waste all those lovely (quiet) hours of kid craft time?

I especially love that there are girl and boy paper doll options available. I know my toddler son would totally dig dressing up a mini version of himself in a superhero cape or pirate costume. (In fact, we already love Sandy’s custom superhero party invitations which we’ve featured here before.) And let’s face it, boy dress-up dolls aren’t exactly easy to find in the local bookshop.

You know what else is awesome? Crossing off all the hard-to-buy-for kids on my list in one fell swoop. Well, until next year. –Stephanie S

Find personalized paper dolls, invitations, and more at Sandy Ford Design.