I still remember when I got my first espresso machine for Christmas in high school. That’s right, I was hooked on lattes before I could drive, and I was the first person I knew with the magic of a frothing wand at my fingertips. If you’re that kind of coffee hipster, you’re going to love this Kickstarter project. Anyone can currently grind and brew their own coffee, but if you get in on the ground floor, you’ll be the first person who roasts their own beans, too.

The Bonaverde roast-grind-brew coffee machine might not be the final name, but the Kickstarter’s already funded on a gadget that’s set to revolutionize the home coffee experience. For $300, you’ll receive one of the first machines ever to roast green coffee beans, grind them, and brew them, all in less than fourteen minutes.


When you consider that there can be up to 17 steps between the farmer’s raw green coffee beans and your cup, you can start to see how this process can deliver the fairest and freshest coffee in the world. And once they’re really rolling, they’ll have a marketplace that lets you select your own varietal and strength of coffee beans directly from the growers so you can blend your own perfect cup.

The Kickstarter covers all the details that you’re probably curious about, from off-gassing to smoking and odors to the shipping costs, and there’s also a video showing how the machine will work. They’ve received a ton of media coverage and appear to have all their ducks in a row, which can be a little scary when a Kickstarter goes viral. Still, $300 for the machine and 6.6 pounds of raw coffee beans straight from a farmer in Nicaragua seems like a pretty fair trade for dumping $5 lattes from the big coffee chains each morning.

Thus far they’ve only tackled filtered coffee, but espresso is next in line. I’ll be here with my thermometer and almond milk, waiting for my turn at the frothing wand.

Find out more at the Bonaverde website or at the Bonaverde Kickstarter itself. Machine purchase rewards start at $300.

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