We love shattering negative stereotypes, and that means the beloved card game Old Maid is in vital need of a reboot. Enter Bold Maid, a beautifully designed, mod-style card game in which whoever ends up with the Bold Maid … wins!

Artist and illustrator Jane Burns has politically corrected the traditional card game Old Maid with hip artwork and a fantastic twist. Instead of ending the game when the loser holds only the lonely Old Maid, the game ends when the winner is left with the Bold Maid card. A strong woman who isn’t afraid of standing alone? Genius!

Bold Maid card game characters | Cool Mom Picks

Thanks to a Kickstarter that more than doubled the funding request, you can now buy your own set of Bold Maid cards for $20 directly from the artist. Each of the card characters was inspired by a real-life person or animal, which you can read about on the artist’s website. What a great addition to the family game closet. And it would also make a fantastic gift for that sassy single aunt, fresh-out-of-college teacher, or … well, pretty much any girl. Or boy. Bold Maid, we salute you!

Find Bold Maid cards and giclee prints of the card artwork at the website of artist Jane A. Burns.

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