As an avowed musical geek, I’m so thrilled about tonight’s daring production of the The Sound of Music Live on NBC.  Yes, live. I’ve got the inner track and the word is that Carrie Underwood is simply brilliant as Maria, if you can forgive her for not being Julie Andrews; Steven Moyer makes a big leap from True Blood’s Bill Compton to the decidedly un-bloodthirsty Captain Von Trapp; and the kids are all simply wonderful. Plus? Audra McDonald as Mother Abbess is an inspired choice.

What I’m most excited about is the attempt to capture the same thrill of live theater–no do-overs, no retakes, no subbing in someone else’s singing voice. We live in a media age where so-called reality shows are devoid of actual reality, and even programs like the X Factor and The Voice are edited down to the just the exciting parts. And while I live in New York City and my kids are exposed to theater fairly regularly, it’s terrific that now even more families will be able recreate that experience if in a small way.

Just turn down the lights, and tell your kids not to kick the chair in front of them. They’ll hardly know the difference.  Except that tonight, no one will be shushing you if you sing along to Do-Re-Mi at the top of your lungs.

Check out the NBC Sound of Music website for lots of clips, behind-the-scene interviews, and other stuff to get your kids excited. Then tune in tonight at 8PM. 

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