I still remember how frustrating it was when the adults on Sesame Street couldn’t see fuzzy, lovable Snuffy, and Big Bird always got in trouble for whatever trouble that big, clumsy critter caused. Boy, was I glad I didn’t have an imaginary friend — or a sibling! But I always believed in the Snuffleupagus. And I still do. Don’t you?

These sweet I Believe in Snuffleupagus shirts and onesies by Hot Mess T-Shirts and available at Babesta let everyone from the tiniest baby to the biggest kid get in on the Snuffy fandom. Choose from 100% cotton onesies in sizes 3 to 18 months, then skip up to tees for ages 18 months to 12 years. The design is heat-pressed onto your choice of six different colors. And then the imagination begins.

Just don’t hold us responsible when all the chocolate disappears. It was totally Snuffy.

Find I Believe in Snuffleupagus onesies and tees at Babesta or from the manufacturer, Hot Mess T-Shirts




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