Are you hungry, Hunger Games fans? Don’t be prim–just dig right into this gorgeous box of gourmet truffles from Vosges,  inspired by the Capitol of Suzanne Collins’s Hunger Games world. Opulence, trinkets, and accoutrements wait within. But no screaming jabberjays. We checked.

Of course the Capitol is meant to represent all that is shallow, selfish, and dangerously narcissistic in our culture, but it’s just so darned pretty, just like the Capitol Truffle Collection from the new collection of Vosges Hunger Games Chocolates. If you live in District 1 and have the wealth (because wow, it’s pricey), you’re sure to get your Effie on with eighteen different truffles exploring the senses through opulence and ritual. Underneath the truffles are sixteen compartments filled with treasures like pearl dust, matcha tea, and violet petals, along with instructions on creating decadent drinks to accompany the truffles.

Hunger Games Capitol Truffle Collection by Vosges Chocolate | Cool Mom Picks

Don’t worry, darling. It’s only $225. But those 36 truffles just might be the closest you come to truly being on fire. Unless there’s one with jalapeño in it, which there probably is.

Elbows in. Chin up. That’s mahogany!

Find the Hunger Games Capitol Truffle Collection at Vosges, along with more affordable options in the Hunger Games Chocolate collection. Order immediately to indulge by Christmas!